The Original Markz

Sam Oliver

When I was in high school and first year of college, I played on the basketball team. Back then, I had a lot of strength and energy to bounce back up after coming down from a leap into the air. Now, it is 30 years later and the bounce isn't what it used to be. After years of working, personal trials, successes, and just simply living life, the old luster just isn't the same anymore. The dollar like every living thing on earth had it's time and bouncing back today was not the same as it used to be. It's fans just don't support the dollar anymore. Today was a day of sell offs and tumbles and falls. The dollar served a purpose for it's time. For some, saying goodbye will be hard and others will not miss it so much. In some ways, life is like a relay race. Just when someone on your team begins to run out of steam, the baton is passed on to a teammate who has a lot more energy to carry this baton to the finish line. Gold has always been known as a great finisher. It always runs the final leg on a financial relay team. Gold is the transitional monetary system that forms the bridge to where we are going. It too will pass on the baton to the new financial system. It will inspire all the currencies in the world to wake up from a race to the bottom of the financial charts where all currencies will level off and find support in a gold backed system. Yes, the revaluation process of the reset began today. Each of you will begin a new race soon. It is a race toward a potential of what is possible. Let your dreams become a reality from the purity of your hearts, and there will be no limits to what you can achieve. Sam Oliver